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Drum Lessons

Here at Performing Arts Music, our #drum lessons are taught by professional music teachers who know exactly how to get you playing your favorite songs in no time. Whether it’s rock, jazz, or hip-hop that gets your blood pumping, our instructors will help you find the beat and keep up with all of your favorite tunes. You can even take lessons from the comfort of home thanks to our online platform! We offer a variety of different lesson plans depending on where you are in your musical journey. Whether it’s learning some basic beats or mastering more complex rhythms like syncopation and polyrhythms – we have something for everyone! And if there is ever anything else that comes up during one of our sessions, don’t hesitate to ask us about it because we want every student who walks through our doors to feel comfortable enough with their teacher that they can speak freely without fear of judgment. That’s why we make sure each lesson plan is customized specifically for each individual student so they always leave feeling confident and ready for whatever comes next. So go ahead and sign up today – let us show you why Performing Arts Music is the best place around town (or online) when it comes to learning how to play drums! Start your journey today by calling (716) 239 3907.