Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons For All Ages

We offer the following programs 6 days a week:

All instruction is offered weekly for 30 or 60 minute private lessons. Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons are available in a variety of different styles. 

Piano Lessons

(5 years old- up)

Our piano instructors teach a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Whether you want to learn Beethoven or Billie Eilish, our instructors are help you become the pianist you inspire to be! Our piano instructors will show you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory, but will also incorporate your favorite songs into your piano lessons.

We offer piano lessons 6 days a week. Don’t have a piano at home? No problem! We have a 6 Month Piano deal. If you buy 6 months of  lessons, you will receive a FREE 88 key keyboard with a pedal!