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Why Private Lessons Work

When it comes to choosing extracurricular activities, there are a lot of different directions you can take. From little league to soccer to dance, your child may be interested in a lot of things. If you don’t know where to start, why not try music lessons? You may think the advantages of music lessons only extend to high school marching bands or singing in a choir, but the benefits extend far beyond that. Whether your child is enrolled in band class or not, private lessons are extremely beneficial to their wellbeing. In fact, music lessons have been proven to help some students perform better on standardized tests. Here are some of the reasons why private music lessons work.

Improving at their Instrument

The first reason is obvious. Private lessons help children improve at their instrument. Your child’s first exposure to music is probably through school. There comes an age where they may approach you about joining band or orchestra. When learning their instrument, it can be hard to improve in a lesson with other kids who have different needs. They may not be getting the personalized attention they need. Akin this to how some students learn better in smaller class sizes and one on one tutoring sessions. The same is for music. To improve, we need to be surrounded and learn from people better than us. Taking private lessons accomplishes this. Using various techniques and songs, your child’s teacher will help them get better at their instrument.


Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated no matter what we are doing. It can be tempting to just quit and move onto something else. However, just like with our jobs or school, it is easier to stay motivated when someone is holding you accountable. When children are improving at their instrument and they are surrounded by people who want them to succeed, they will be more motivated to continue. Band lessons can only do so much. Once a child is out of the beginning stages of learning their instrument, they may not know where to go next and fall into a rut. Private instructors are knowledgeable about different music styles and genres. They are an important resource for your child and can help guide them in their music career. By setting up an order and a routine, private lessons can keep children stimulated and interested in their instrument.

Music Theory

When transferring your child from school group lessons to private lessons, you may notice they are coming home with music theory homework. This is dependent on their teacher, but music theory is an important part of private lessons. Learning music theory helps your child become a better overall musician. Not only is your child getting better at their instrument, but they are also learning how music works. They will discover how chords work, get better at sight reading, and possibly have a chance to compose. Plus, just because they are enrolled in private lessons, that doesn’t mean they can’t still play in a group. Some studios have bands you child can join. This is a great way for students to learn what it’s like to be in a real band with kids their own age! The band will all work together on learning songs and performing them live at recitals.


There is always that one kid in math class that can’t solve the equation on the board. The rest of the class has to sit around and wait until they can figure it out. The same thing happens in group lessons. The students may start at the same level but before long, they will begin to learn at different paces. Group music lessons have plenty of benefits and will help your child imrpove their social skills. That being said, your child may be frustrated if they are learning quicker than their peers or if they are struggling to keep up. These frustrations can make some children more determined but, more often than not, it discourages them. With private lessons, your child can learn at their own pace, giving them more of an opportunity to enjoy their instrument.


Private music lessons help set your child up for success. With a private teacher, your child will learn the fundamentals of playing at a quicker rate. When the foundation is built, your child can keep learning, playing, and succeed. When your child is strong in their instrumental skills, they can focus on their ensemble skills and be better prepared to join a band or orchestra at school.

Regardless of why you choose private lessons, finding the right music instructor is key. At Performing Arts we have an unconditional commitment to developing the talents, gifts, and abilities of everyone that participates. We offer exclusive 1-on-1 lessons with our qualified instructors who will create a structured & individualized age-appropriate curriculum just for you!