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Reasons You Should Thank Your Music Teacher

A little appreciation goes a long way. For musicians, the people who offer a little of their time, wisdom, and advice are our music teachers. Whether you are actively taking music lessons or have done so in the part, you can probably point to a teacher who was your main source of inspiration. They taught you so much more than how to read notes on a page. Our music teachers inspire us, they push us to be better, and guide us to better understand our instrument. They teach us responsibility and always believe in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves. This is why we are taking the opportunity to highlight all the reasons why you should thank your music teacher.

They Keep You Going

Starting with the basics, without your music teacher, you most likely wouldn’t be as good as you are today. There are very few self-taught musical geniuses, but there are many successful musicians. Without the guidance and knowledge that music teachers offer, many, especially young children, would have been gotten frustrated when it got tough and given up. Without help, learning to play an instrument is a difficult task. Our teachers push us beyond their limits to reach our full potential, even though those early difficult periods. Think back to when you were frustrated with assignments, at your progress, or with instructions. Your music teacher was there helping you all along the way to becoming a real musician. They teach you how to develop good habits and to never give up, which are important life lessons in and out of the classroom.

They Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Along the same lines of never giving up, your music teacher also taught you about discipline, dedication, responsibility, and about the value of hard work. Think about it. It took a lot of discipline to sit down and practice rather than hanging out with your friends. Dedication comes into play when you hit a wall and need to find a way through it. You also need the responsibility to take care of your instrument. Most of all, it takes a lot of hard work to be a musician and constantly work on improving yourself. These valuable life lessons serve you beyond your musical education as well. They are important skills you need to know to be successful in life as well.

They Help You Build Character

Keeping with the life lessons, the importance of music in our society is often understated. Learning music is a strong character builder. Looking back on all the people who helped shape your character and make you a better person, your music teacher is probably on that list. But it goes beyond just being a good person. Did you know students who are in a band or orchestra are less likely to abuse substances and more likely to stay engaged in school? Along with the life lessons learned, taking music lessons helps young children develop into productive members of society. It increases coordination, improves emotional development, builds imagination and curiosity, and has countless other benefits.

They Gave Up Their Time For You

You may think that the extent of their job is in the classroom, but being a great music teacher requires a lot of time in and out of the classroom. A music teacher will give their students all the time necessary to help them improve. This often means staying after lessons and even scheduling time over the weekends. Our teachers give every student the individual attention they need, which is not an easy task for a large group of students. In the end, they sacrifice a lot of their time to that each student can develop their musical talents.

They Actually Made Your Life Easier

Music teachers do so much more than teach us how to play instruments. They are also our counselers and friends, always looking out for our best interests. They will gladly take time to talk to you if you are having a bad day and will often work through the tough parts of life with you. Beyond consistent emotional support, our music teachers also help us succeed in school. Learning music at a young age is correlated to increased test scores, both in reading and math. While taking lessons may not have seemed like a walk in the part at times, it actually gave you an advantage that you normally wouldn’t have had.

Thank Your Music Teacher

Throughout the years, your music teacher has inspired you, taught you, and pushed you to become a better musician and person. Take this time to show your gratitude. It can be as simple as a “thank you”. If you are older and still in contact with your music teacher, thank them and tell them just how much the opportunity to learn music meant to you.

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