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Why Music Lessons Make The Perfect Gift

Still trying to think of the perfect gift for your child? Musical instruments and lessons are popular gifts for the holidays and for a good reason. Music lessons are the gift that keeps on giving.  Lessons are not something that can be thrown into the bottom of the toy chest after a couple of uses. This gift if truly life-changing and will outlast any other trivial gift that is given this holiday season. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why music lessons make the perfect gift.

Builds Character

The benefits of learning an instrument reach far beyond having a new skill. Through the practice of an instrument, students acquire self-discipline, improved self-esteem, and a sense of self-worth and respect for others. As children learn new skills, they gain a boost in confidence. Through studying, practicing, and performing, students learn how to set and achieve goals outside of school. They also benefit from a new outlet to express their emotions and explore their creativity. From learning to play their favorite songs, to write their own, music lessons teach children about more than playing notes on the scale.

Increased Intelligence

Many studies show that taking music lessons can actually make you smarter. The art of playing an instrument activates multiple areas of the brain, increasing a child’s ability to focus while also advancing coordination. In fact, music stimulates the parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development. Using music to develop these parts of the brain and improving memory will give your child a mental advantage not only in school but later in life as well.

Experiences Make Us Happier Than Things

Research in psychology has shown that experiences in our give us more lasting happiness than our possessions do. Keep this in mind when thinking of ideas for Christmas gifts. In the long list of things your child may want, consider a gift that will extend their joy all year long. Music lessons contribute to the personal and academic growth in children, and will also make them happier in the process. Being creative satisfies the mind, body, and soul because it allows for expression. With music, children can explore their emotions and have a better understanding of who they are. With the opportunity to continually develop and improve upon new skills, music is the key to having a confident child.  Why not give them this special kind of gift?

At Performing Arts we have an unconditional commitment to developing the talents, gifts, and abilities of everyone that participates. It is through the arts that we share the highest achievements of every culture and find a universal language which allows communication among all people. As such, the arts are an all-inclusive essential component of a complete education.

We offer exclusive 1-on-1 lessons with our qualified instructors who will create a structured & individualized age-appropriate curriculum just for you!